What is mednet?

mednet for healthcare providers is your digital mailbox for sending and receiving all healthcare documents.

mednet for healthcare providers enables you to send form-based orders - additions and transfers to other healthcare providers such as hospitals, medical laboratories, x-ray institutes, doctors, pharmacies and all other healthcare providers. This is digital, secure, media-free and of course fully integrated into your primary system.

mednet for healthcare providers is also your patient portal for sharing reports, medical documents, medication plans directly with other healthcare providers and the patient on their PC or mobile phone.

For patients, mednet patient is a personal online health pass that makes their most important medical data available anytime and anywhere. Whether at home or while traveling, the most important medical data is available to the treating doctors at a glance for quick and safe treatment. Ideal in an emergency or when the treating doctor cannot be reached.

More than 14,000 doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, X-ray institutes, Spitex and homes use mednet every day for secure and structured communication in the Swiss healthcare system.

Every year, more than 25 million documents with structured data format are successfully transferred between healthcare providers via mednet.

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